Netflix Deutschland
Don't Look Up

Idea, Copy & Creative Direction with Andrea Senzel

Don't Look Up is a film that is about two things: black humor - and the imminent threat to the planet from an asteroid the size of Texas. Accordingly, our campaign needed very, very big comets - and a dash of comedy. 


With a large out-of-home campaign in the cities of Berlin, Cologne, Hanover and Düsseldorf, we not only promoted the film with funny headlines, but also set up an XXL mural in Hamburg with a real, burning comet. 


Together with the production company Qolabo, we also developed a satirical comedy format that is a spin-off of Don't Look Up and in which entertainment celebrities as well as young, fresh comedians and TikTokers prepare for the upcoming end of the world.


The Daily Rip Production: Qolabo

OOH Art Direction: Max Quecke

Mural Production: outframe