Netflix DE
Sex Education S3
Schluss mit Shame

Idea & Copy with Andrea Senzel, in cooperation with Agentur XY

Body shaming, slut shaming, mental health shaming and bullying - all this is not only experienced by the protagonists of Sex Education season 3, but unfortunately by almost everyone in this world.


To draw attention to the release of Sex Education S3 with meaning and purpose, we teamed up with incredible people a young generation looks up to - such as Bill Kaulitz, Tupoka Ogette, Enissa Amani, Yassin and Tarik Tesfu -  to record an album that is directed against shame. 


With positive affirmations, personal stories, and a lots of motivation and encouragement, our Spotify album is supposed to help young people build up their own self-worth. Each ambassador was allowed to choose a theme and record a very personal take for it.